How the Best Leaders Build Resilience

Published August 14, 2020


Leading YourselfResilience

What can the best leaders do to build resilience during these challenging times? Marcus Buckingham leads the ADP Research Institute which, amongst other things, focuses on identifying the core components of critical aspects of people at work, such as resilience. Drawing from a recent 25-country study, 1,000 workers per country, researchers can now identify and measure the components of resilience and what you can do to cultivate it in yourself and in those you lead. Resilience is made up of two sets of feelings: 1) How you feel about yourself and your working world and 2) How you feel about the behavior of your own team leader and leader of leaders. In this talk, Marcus identifies the three feelings you need to cultivate in yourself and the three feelings that comprise the expectations you have of your team leader. If you are a team leader, you need to know what both of these components are so that you can focus your actions on delivering them for your people.